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Obesity | Causes, Treatments and Tips

Obesity tips



The term 'obese' refers to an individual who is very overweight and contains a large amount of body fat. Every one in four adults in the UK suffers from this problem. One must take proper measures to tackle obesity as this problem can lead to various serious life-threatening conditions, such as bowl cancer, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and more. If you are looking for a detailed guide on how obesity affects our body and what its causes are, check the article below.

How Does It Affect Our Body?

Obesity is a grave issue and must be treated properly. The problem leads to different health problems in our bodies. Some of the common issues that occur because of this are as follows:

  • It causes a higher risk of gastroesophageal reflux disease in our body.

  • Obesity can also cause respiratory issues in people. It makes breathing difficult for people at night.

  • The problems also lead to hypertension or high blood pressure in the body.

  • The women who suffer from obesity can also face difficulty in getting pregnant

Root Causes of Obesity

There are different root causes of this problem. Some of the prominent ones are as follow:

Genetic Risks

As per the study, there are around 40-70% chances of having obesity due to genes. Hundreds of genes result in contribute to the risk of obesity. All such genes alone have a small effect, but the combination of more than one significantly increases the risk for obesity.


Our body contains a defense system that helps in preventing starvation. However, in the case of excess body fat, this structure defends our elevated fat level. Our body fat produces a hormone named leptin. It signals to the brain how much fat is stored in our bodies. The brain perceives the lower level of leptin as starvation, and our body's metabolism levels switch to energy saving. This will change the appetite to decreased fullness and increased hunger. This works well to keep our body weight from falling.

Important Life Events

Different life events result in causing obesity in people. It includes parental life, pregnancy, early adulthood, illnesses, the intake of different medications, and more. All such things can influence weight gain and cause different issues in the body. In some countries like the United States, the average weight gain is around 1-2 pounds per year for people aged 20 to 40 years. However, some people gain weight even more than the average gain. Such individuals mostly suffer from financial or emotional stress issues and sleep disturbances.

Lack of Sleep

It is one of the most common root causes of obesity. The lack of sleep disturbs our body's hormones, which can affect our body weight. Keep in mind that the lack of sleep causes different problems in the body. It includes cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression, anxiety issues, and more. Lack of sleep results in increased cortisol in the body. It is a stress hormone that is associated with weight gain. It also increases ghrelin and decreases leptin levels in the body.

One must take proper measures to manage their sleep problems. This will result in providing more power and energy to your body. You will automatically eat less and stay in shape. Practice therapies that help you in reducing stress levels. All this can cause positive effects on your body and make you feel healthy and active.

Lack of Awareness and Healthcare Access

There are a large number of people who do not have access to trained healthcare professionals. People who suffer from obesity must reach the right expert who helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most people believe that obesity is not a disease because of poor lifestyle choices. This will result in creating an additional barrier to treatment.


Obesity can have an impact on both your mental and physical health. Most people wonder where to begin while treating the issue. It is better to consult things with a doctor or a healthcare provider so that you can get the right treatment. The timely treatment will prevent your body from complications, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and more.

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